Saturday, February 10, 2007

TV show!!!

16 contestants from different Arabic countries, girls and boys to share the same house. Living together and working together. They claim that they are there to succeed and to follow their dream of being a star. What a dream I must say. I never make fun of dreams and I try my best not to make them azaze me. But being a star always makes me think of the human superficiality and shallowness. Why do you want to be famous? If they wanted to be famous because of their talent, goals, etc. They just want to feel the young people wanting to see them and wanting to hear their horrible voices! They were accepted based on their voice. They are supposed to be 'good singers'.
Every Friday like today the channel dedicates more than 3 hours of live broadcasting for this 'stupid' show. What is the use? What will this show produce? Only more of young singers who have no talent and will be added to the tons of singers who think that people enjoy their voices. I only feel sorry for some of the contestants who actually have a pretty good voice but only lose because they don't get enough votes.
I don't blame the channel for airing such a show, neither do I blame who wants to actually succeed in singing. I only blame the people at home who keep watching such shows and encourage these kind of shows that affects young minds. It has become no more than a countries battle. I like good music, I like the shows that give a chance to those who have tried their best and want a chance to prove their voice and their ability! I know more than most people that this show is more than what we see. There is between the lines to read.
As I am writing this, the show is on. We are waiting to see who is going home tonight. You must be thinking how could I be watching the show and still manage to have strong feelings. Well, it is the way it is. I hate the show, I just want to see how much more can they azaze me.
So after great amount of suffer, they announced the name of the person who is going home.
I just look back at the time of my father and listen to Um Kalthom's songs and wish those times would come back. Where music was appreciated. Still, I must include the name of the great Fairoz whose music I love, songs I adore! She is a great singer. Let me only see that their songs still exist. I am not a big fan of old music, neither would I listen to it willingly. But every time my dad puts the tape in the car I can only feel the music and feel happy that my dad makes us listen to them every once and a while.
And there is still hope, music isn't in such bad hands. There are always people no matter how much it gets worse, can make our ears listen to their beautiful songs and meaningful lyrics. Why am I writing this I wonder? It is of no use. Why am I shattering some young people's dreams and telling them that joining this show was the biggest mistake of their lives? I am sure they are capable of doing greater mistakes. All I hope is that they stop telling each other 'I love you' because everyone knows that they don't. Why tell a guy in front of million watchers at home that you love him? Why break it to him and to those millions of people for the first time. Isn't love supposed to be greater than this? Isn't love supposed to be a sacred feeling between you both?

PS: the show's name is Star Academy and now it is in it's 4th season and it is going very successfully. I just wonder how many more seasons would they realize that they are doing more damage than they are entertaining people.


Anonymous said...

Dearest my wonderful friend, NOOR
really very amazing article as always as u ;)
and i want to tell you something else, the ppls who join those kind of competition seperated to two teams: first one who have got very good voice and good looking and hot, BUT the secand team: are some Sl*ts who have no voice , no sense ,nothing except thier half naked bodies dance on the floor,
Unforunalty they depend on BODIES more than VOICES,
and am with that we have to blame the ppls at home who love those shows as well as i want to blame the media and its agreement to make this things appear to ppls.
just an advice: not bieng love something so u can expect from all the ppls that they'll love it , and not bieng hate sumthing means that u expect ppls hate it too,
so u can't judge on the ppls in the way u like or in the way ur emotion are going
Besy wishes

Ashok said...

Great post madam. People have always presented fiction(a perception of reality) as reality TV. In the name of TRP ratings and viewership, the very nature of a man is forced to bend and adapt and all in the name of entertainment when boredom has been taken to new levels. Great post, you really have a talent for writing.