Sunday, February 11, 2007


Hello every one,
These days I have this weird feeling to write. I may not know what I want to write about, but this great feeling of creating sentences and listening to the typing of your own is just too much for me to resist. So I would like to pitch in some of the thoughts that are usually occupying my mind. I just hope I do not mislead you to think that when ever I am silent then I am thinking. No, because I can seem much drown in the deep ocean of my thought, and still my mind is as empty as a white paper. As I was reading something today, I was appalled to know that people take pleasure in insulting other people. I never thought that seeing people only replying in polite words to an insult was a satisfying feeling. I never imagined it would give a twisted feeling of happiness. I do not wish to say more about this, because I want to tell you something else.
What is that something else I wonder? Ahh, let me talk about myself. That is always a good topic and you must be interested. I do not say so because I am an interesting person, but I feel that people while talking about themselves can go wild and can be interesting. So let me start: I am a young person. I do not stand as outstanding when you first meet me, as a matter of fact I am such an ordinary human being. At the moment -which will last for about 3 more years from now- I am still trying to search what gives me pleasure doing. I am still in that time when you hope that people wouldn't mention anything about dreams. I am sure everyone went -is going- through that. That is all about me for the time being, I think I made a wrong call by suggesting to talk about myself. It is boring, not expressed well, lacks more details. Yourself is yourself, you don't have to talk about yourself. So let me move on. My selection of topics must make you impressed because of such topics that everyone would relate to and thinks highly of the language used, etc. *looks back and hopes that the reader understood my tone of sarcasm*
My self is screaming at me to find a decent topic to talk about. So I want to ask what can be considered as a good topic. Would my feelings about Saddam's death fall in that category? Do you want to know how do I feel? I hope I didn't hear a 'yes' uttered from your mouth... I am not going to write about that. I can go on like this and continue this chain and tell you about what would be considered as interesting topics and then leave you to wonder why I choose to let them slide and pick not to write about them.
So was this interesting or not!? I do not wonder, for I do not care. And since I am talking about 'interesting' things. I think 'interesting' is such an interesting word. So long my friend... don't ponder on the things that I just wrote for they weren't written for such a purpose. Now I must away. *walks away til the shape of me fades*


Ashok said...

Well I do agree with you when you say that his ways are extreme and in todays world that is not what we want. But analysing it in terms of the movie two things we need to keep in mind

1)The life of V as a inmate of cell 5. Medical experiments that turned him into the "freak"

2) The extremist communist regime that makes people "dissapear" just because they cracked jokes about the chancellor.

In the face of such extreme governments where protest even in its mildest form is considered a grave threat to national security and the dissidents killed for sedition, the only way any positive effect can be brought is through such extreme ways.

Eve's parents were peacefull protestors who believed in non violent ways, they ended up in prisons and never lived to see another day. In the end they brought no effect.

V on the other hand struck fear in the heart of the oppressors and created chaos in a system that suppressed thoughts and ideas and in the end the entire city of London assembled to watch the city crumble. V may have been evil in his ways, but as they say its a necessary evil for a greater good ONLY IN THE MOVIE. But anyways thanks for commenting.:D

Ashok said...

lol True Natalie Portman looked gorgeous *Sigh*. Anyways true they didnt quite make it clear if any innocent people were killed or not which was pretty bad.

Anyways among other things such totalitarian regimes tend to be dumb and more importantly underestimate the power of the masses. In these circumstances it is only natural that they get toppled lol. It is as they say a successfull government is one which respects and fears the power of the masses.[:D]

Rohit said...

err..dude its not about an extremist communist regime...they mention that the chancellor was once and up and coming leader of the "British CONSERVATIVE Party"..and thats like the other end of political spectrum..

conservative party is a centre right capitalist party..and moving to right all the it has nothing 2 do with communism. as u might have guessed, I just HAD to clarify this bcoz any extremism u see is linked with communism right away without thinking about its relevance..and mostly totalitarian regimes like that are centre right or far right while communism is far basically am just saving my skin here..being a red back ;)..loll..just so that ppl don't misinterpret communism..hahaa..

vokeyyy...V for Vendetta ROXXX!!!! its just 2 of my favs now. i don't really like natalie portman but nice acting there. and wats funnier is that if u look at britain sure in another 10 years we'll be exactly like that..considering the ever growing support for conservatives here...i just wish they don't ask us to barcode our underwears and put a user tracker on tissue rolls in toilets =P

Rohit said...

ohh..isn't this space supposed 2 be for commenting on noor's posts? loll..sorry newrr

that post is really cool. 2 be honest thats my fav. in all of ur posts on this blog =D now u'll be wondering why...bcoz its written in such a simple language and its about nothing..and that's the beauty :D

keep writing...

FaerieDevilish said...

Ash - yeah yeah, we all know you like Ms Portman :p

Dear Noor, I don't know if this should be encouraging or worrying, but it is a fact: many die without knowing what they enjoy. Even worse - many die without trying to find out what they enjoy.

I hope we all find clarity in thoughts one day. :)

Nairobian said...

haha no way.. There's no way I'd ever show my parents what I write cuz usually its saying something against them. besides, my mum doesn't like me having a blog so I'd rather she doesn't find out :) Thanks though.. LOL I'd never have thought a long rant about marks would actually make sense to someone else