Saturday, February 3, 2007

Blood Diamond

As it was only days after the big game, we were stuck in traffic. There was traffic because the Omani team lost its game with the Emarati team and lost the Gulf countries championship. People before the big game were very excited and cheered for their country’s team. In fact even I hoped they would win, but well they didn’t. So anyways we were on our way to the cinema to catch the movie that I have been dying to catch. But the funny part was that why would they still celebrate??
Being more than 5 minutes late we arrived at the cinema and booked our seats. The movie was rolling as I took my seat. The good part was that I didn’t miss seeing Leo and got to see him in his first scene. There were some scenes that I couldn’t help feel really scared watching. I was really into the movie and I really believe that I would have been 100% lost in it if it wasn’t for the questions by the person next to me. he kept asking as if I have seen the movie one hundred time. And as him being only a little kid, I think it was the first that he got to see how things in Africa work and he asked if what he was seeing really happened. I immediately turned my head towards him and started telling him that it was much worst and lost track of the movie. This great moment was interrupted by Huda telling me to watch the movie. Alas, such a moment lost. I returned to the movie and felt my head starting to hurt because of the first row seat that I had and then my neck followed and was hurting as well. Because I had to bend my neck which made me very uncomfortable. All this disappeared and I got lost in the movie again.
Goodness it what lies deep down inside our souls and it is what we are made of. Archer managed to help a family, even though he almost lost all hope he had in this world and thought that Africa would never get better. He was ready to give up until he met Solomon who was in need of help. God didn’t leave Africa and will never leave any place on this earth. I know you think it is typical from a believer but things can get better and this movie was the proof and maybe it will be a positive step in the road of helping and reaching out to the people in Africa. I am only hoping that it would do more than ‘get a few people to cry and make some write cheques’. One thing I didn’t understand though, what is the meaning of ‘blood diamond’? and I would never buy any diamond in this life. What will be the use of buying one, making some people richer than they already are and encourage the diamond trade and make more people sufer because of my superficial want of looking pretty. I never really understood why women bought diamonds.
Leo defiantly deserves to win an Oscar for his performance. We all loved the movie except my sister Rawa’ who didn’t like it at all
‘we already have enough suffering and trouble in our lives and I want something to lessen our burdens not to make them heavier’ she says explaining. We actually didn’t discuss the movie a lot because she had something to do at home and wanted to get back as soon as possible.
I have this weird thing with accents and so I totally fell in love with Leo’s accent in the movie. I think now people have no right to call him ‘a pretty piece of meat’ because if he didn’t prove himself in ‘Titanic’ then he surely proved him self in this movie.
Now what to do? How can we help? I realised something after watching the movie. People started fighting each other, and it was because losing all hope. I wonder why do they lose hope. It is so clear to the naked eye to see how much help Africa is getting and how many politicians care so much about them. Again, even though almost all people with power are turning their backs to these issues we still have some hope. We care, therefore it is all we need to go on and offer a helping hand. PS: One thing I didn't mention in my detailed report about my trip to the cinema, which is what I ate and drank during the movie. You would have to excuse me on that part, I am not going to come clean with that secret because if I did such a thing then I would have discribed how I spent my whole day. I even managed to sleep at 3 am because Huda and I had so much to say about the movie.


Zach Komes said...

BRAVO, BRAVO!! Encore Encore!!

Living to Write said...

Bravo-you could be a critic! Although the one from my newspaper-Kevin O'Sullivan, he's sooooo mean. It'd be nice to see a POSITIVE critic!!

Ashok said...

Hey there. I absolutely agree with what you said. I just said that Danny Archer did what God didnt do to Solomon Vandy. Danny Archer isnt a universal god but only did what was right to Solomon Vandy's life. It was just my opinion lol and most of the times they are vague and absurd.:D So please dont mind.

Ashok said...

And as always a brilliant literary master piece. Believers like you is what a world deprieved of hope needs. Keep up your faith in God, it really is very inspiring for all us agnoists and atheists.