Monday, February 5, 2007

a letter to someone

Dear someone,
First of all I need to express my excitement of writing to you. The best part is that I do not have the least idea who you are. I want to start telling you about my life. It is not much but as you must know if you lead your life then nothing else matters, which is exactly my case. I cry because I feel, I smile because I have hope, I breathe to feel the air fell my lungs. As I sit in my back seat in the car I start thinking about what I see. It is mostly the mountains around the long steep road ahead. I feel as if those mountains have a story to tell me –I never managed to understand the story though- While everyone is thinking about their problem or whatever that occupies their mind.
So dear someone I do not know what I should tell you, because life is really smiling at my face at the moment. I wonder if it is smiling at you too. Come and take a look at me one time and do not let me be aware of your presence and you will see the real me talking about some non-sense or dancing crazily at some song. You hear that the world is turning into a small village but I read something for my dad and he said that the world no longer can be considered as a small village, it should be considered as a square. I think it depends on what you go through to decide what does the world look to you. I wonder what do you consider it as. The world is just the world, it doesn’t get bigger or smaller. I wish I would look at the earth from a space ship and be near the moon. And hear the stars as they light our dark night. The view of the stars is always ‘azazing’.

Sometimes people make you do/say things. You may regret later and the best thing about regret is that it doesn’t even occur to you while doing the thing that you regret. Do not let regret drown you in blueness. As you may have noticed I am writing about random stuff, just remember that it is the first I write to you and you must excuse such a random style.
2 weeks from now I would be back to my life routine which is going to school. This holiday has given me my share of rest. Now I can go back to school and go back to the boring life style which gives me satisfaction. It is weird but it is the strange, satisfying sensation of completing your homework and studying for your exams. I live in a place where I do not go out so much, school keeps me busy all the time and occupies my time. So school is welcomed at the moment because it is a couple of weeks away, but when it is days away it will be despised.
Only if, only if what? Do not I have all the things I need? Do not I have a roof above my head? Do not I have a voice which is heard? Do not I have water and food to keep me going through the day? I can not help pronouncing the ‘only if’ every time I think about my life. Let me not say ‘only if’ just for you. I will let it slide this time and close my mouth as my lips yearn to say these two words.
Now I hope I didn’t bore you with my life, no one can appreciate it the way I do. Take care now and I hope the post man who didn’t get this letter would deliver my warmest regards from Firq in Nizwa.


Ashok said...

Well glad to know that. You dont have to buy diamonds. But when you do, remember the points.:D

But you know what the amazing thing is, at your age I was wondering on how to exams. I didnt even know what conflict diamonds were. I really admire you guys for getting involved so early. :D

Ashok said...

lol You are intellectually very sophisticated for your age.[:D]

Waed S. said...

I wish I were that someone!!!!