Friday, August 5, 2011

Of she and I

- That barrier getting in the way, whatever it was, making it hard for people to understand. Why didn't they try harder? Why didn't she make more of an effort to make it clearer?

- How she wanted to talk about SO much, yet forced herself to give up the urge. She didn't need sympathy and didn't want anyone to understand if they didn't already.

- The weak will. Unsure self. Delusions. Hopes. Dreads. Emotions. Neediness. Pitiful helplessness. Expectations. And. The weak will.

- How can your mind be so decided on something then so unsure the next?

- Why let people dictate what image you're supposed to have of your self?

- And all these doubts? For what?

- Peace. With the world. With people. And with one's self. But. All of those were hard. Only attainable for sometime, then lost.


Anonymous said...

One must ask her.. don't you think so :)

Unknown said...

I love how some of your personal posts always have a bit of hope attached to them, no matter how melancholic they are :)

Noor said...

@Ammar Yes I think so. :)

@Vic I love that you think so. I can't give way to melancholy, so I suppose even unintentionally, I give it a surge of hope. Thank you!

Rohit said...

I am guessing these are your thoughts penned down as it is? Or is it a go at fiction? No matter what, quite profound. It has one more thing I appreciate when people talk profound stuff, simplicity. It is said that a man of knowledge without humility is worthless. Similarly, profound truths that lack in simple practicality are of no use. So well done on that! :)

Noor said...

@Rohit yes it's about me but sometimes it's so much easier to write about one's self in the third person, you can be a bit more objective and a bit more vague.
Thank you!