Friday, July 29, 2011


The dreams you have at night. Some go to sleep so they could dream of a better tomorrow, or a loved one. Dreams can be a solace from a harsh reality. People seek them. Some look for the meaning behind them because they feel their dreams are trying to tell them something. Something important. I am next to clueless when it comes to interperting dreams. I usually don't look for their meaning, I just appreciate having them, the good ones that is. I don't dream often. Some would say, that I dream but I don't remember the dreams I have. Either way, I don't mind dreamless sleep. Most of my dreams are disturbing. I remember them with vividness.  They stay with me for sometime., slowly fading away. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether something actually happened or I dreamed it. Specially when you've just woken up. Reality and dreams are mixed up and you can't tell the difference.

Bad dreams about people you know can be very unsettling. Most people would refuse to tell them because they believe it's bad luck that could even lead for this particular thing to happen. I agree with keeping such dreams to yourself, but it's a bit absurd thinking that just by telling them something might happen. We don't have that kind of power over things.
Are our dreams, our conscious trying to tell us something? It could be very much the case. Should we listen to them closely or discard them and heed them no attention? I honestly have no idea.

I daydream a lot though. Mostly about insignificant things. Books. Holidays. Food. The future. We all do I suppose. In a way it helps us get by, doesn't it? Having something that helps you detach yourself from reality. Even for a little bit. Something to fantasize about, taking you to another place. We definitely could use the break at some moments of life.

What about dreams you aspire to achieve? I'm a dreamer. Yet, my dreams are sort of vague. I hate to admit this, but I'm always a tad jealous of those who know exactly what they want from life and have clear goals. It's not like I don't have dreams, I do. We all want something from life. Even if it's something life-changing and big, or small and seemingly insignificant. Perhaps, it's my unwillingness to share them with the world lest they sound ridiculous, to me at least. I'm not too interested in what the world thinks about them. Let's leave it at that though.


Rohit said...

I once read that dreams are like an obstacle in our consciousness, a trap. I mean dreams we have at get real knowledge/wisdom/inner peace (kung fu panda style) we need to somehow cross over to the other side of it. Creepy, deep, crazy...don't know what we can call it but this kind of dreams always intrigue me. But I guess it helps sharing dreams...others might be able to give us some clarity.

I see when u mean day dreaming though...I can't spend a minute without doing that, whether its good or bad for us lol...its so much fun!! I keep wishing all that comes true..

Grannymar said...

Noor I found you!

I think I am too old to dream, it is either that or my memory fails me in the morning! :(