Saturday, August 6, 2011

Unforseen Circumstances - Loose Bloggers Consortium

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Life isn't planned. In fact, most of our plans never see the light of day and we often find ourselves happy that some of our plans failed, making way for something better or simply unexpected.

We face unforeseen circumstances everyday. We're kept waiting longer than we expect you're faced by something totally unexpected at the mercy of fate. Awaiting. You're either hesitant and very unsure or you welcome the moment, ready for it to take you to new places and meet new people. Think of it this way, getting carried away by an opportunity, how it could be a life-changing moment, how you could be meeting new people and going to new places. Or, you could get to know yourself better.

Say you're lost, your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, someone proposes a crazy idea with such enthusiasm "Let's do it", he urges, you name it, it could be any sort of unforeseen circumstance. What do you do? There it is. A chance. Right now. Be open. Accept. Don't fight it. Such moments can be dangerous of course, it's unexpected and you're taken off your guard. I suppose such moments define who you are, if you're reading for risks or not. Perhaps, it's not much of a risk if you trust fate and move forward.

Live the moment. I need to say that more to myself, because it's so easy to preach and say I'll accept such situations, but when they come you're ready with a gazillion excuse to put them off and stay in your comfort zone. I've been there so many times. My mom or sister, for a lack of a better example, asks us to join them to try a new place. I'm hesitant, there I am reading or online not wanting to leave my comfort zone. But when I think of it as an opportunity, my mentality shifts and I'm willing to try it.Writing about this topic makes me grateful for those moments in life.

So, be open. 


Rohit said...

A man with knowledge but no humility is worthless. Knowledge which is profound but lacks in its potential of being applied practically is equally useless.

This is what I like about your blogposts Noor. You write profound things but in a very simple manner. This simplicity is what makes things look so easy and doable...instant dose of motivation! :D

Well done! And no more

padmum said...

Noor---nice to read your blog. I really did not know what to expect, but it was beautiful.

Simple, yet profound and at the same time practical....WOW!

Noor said...

@Rohit Indeed no more. Thank you. Simple is the way to go.

@Padmum Thanks so much, your very kind. :)

Grannymar said...

Welcome Noor to the LBC Group.

I agree with you about living in the moment. I'll give one example, a neighbour of ours put off going on holiday of any kind with the words 'We will do it when he (her husband) retires'! Six weeks before he was due to retire, SHE dropped dead suddenly! Now that was one major unforseen circumstance. It certainly taught me a lesson on how to live my life.

Windswept Dreams said...

Perfect. I'm taking your advice and off to change my twitter name :P

Unknown said...

I looove the idea ya Noor!!!! :D Can I join you guys? I'll blog from Haiku. Please plase! :D

Rummuser said...

I am sorry that I seem to have missed out on your blog address and did not read this post earlier. I have now included you in my list and am happy to have you on board the LBC. I have been reading your comments on Ashok's blogs and have always felt that you should write for the LBC. I am glad that it has happened. I look forward to seeing more of such inspired and honest posts. If you are of the age group of Anu and Ashok, I am amazed at your maturity too. All the best.

Rohit said...

@ Sir Ramana: May I add she is younger than us all...only 19 I think. You can ask this to Ashok or anyone else from our old gang on VOY, she was well matured for her age since we knew her about 5 years ago...I am sure she would go further than most of us!