Monday, August 15, 2011

My Childhood - Loose Bloggers Consortium (LBC)

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What's a normal childhood, I often wondered. Free of worries, all play, lots of friends and no responsibilities? If those constitute a normal childhood, then I had exactly that. Thoughts of my childhood always lead me to our neighborhood in Babylon, my grandma, the kids we played with, my relatives and the places I haven't seen in ages. The stuff mom used to make for that she doesn't do anymore. Ladybirds, sugared-bread, dresses, dolls, fights, games, small green apples, sleeping on the roof.

I never learned to swim, ride a bike, skate or dance ballet. Ok I never really wanted the last one but it would have been cool. For a long time I felt deprived that I didn't get to experience those and jealous of people who knew how to do them. Why didn't we experience them? Indeed. That is the question. Now, I'm waiting for an opportunity to learn them. Specially the bike. Perhaps in a year, two or five but it will happen inshallah.
I didn't really spend a lot of time studying, though I was a good student as a kid. It was all playing, playing and more of that and watching cartoon.

My dreams as a kid. I try to convince myself that I forgot them, but perhaps I never had any. That's sad isn't it? It seemed sad to me for a long time, but right now it doesn't seem so sad. I couldn't help it. Of course I humored myself with thoughts of being a doctor, a lawyer, a model (still think I'd make a great model in my crazy moments), a TV presenter but it was always short-lived and inspired by someone on TV. Why is that, I have no idea. Perhaps my future sessions with a psychologist would put some perspective to that.

I miss that time. You spend your childhood wanting to grow up, and though growing up isn't that bad, it's not all you dream it to be. I don't know who said this but I think it's really true:
"We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public."
 So, my question to everyone reading this, why so serious?


Unknown said...

I think I read that quote somewhere bardo. It's beautiful to end it with this!
Dreams? We all had many, a moment and then the next some other many. So I think it's totally okay =)

Write on <3

Grannymar said...

Sounds like you had an idyllic childhood. Your final sentence rang bells with me. Some people waste precious time worrying about what might never happen. Begin each day like it was the first, but live it as if it were to be your last.

Ze2red said...

"why so serious?"

Because life most of the time - when we are all grown up - forces us to be that serious. I love vacations when and where i can be me with no responsibilities and letting the little girl emerge

Rummuser said...

As long as you don't lose the inner child full of wonder about what life has on offer, why indeed be serious?

padmum said...

I think I like being a grown up...I enjoy other people's childhood like my granddaughters' lisp and inability to pronounce her 'r's. Both are jokers and I enjoy their comedy.

I had a protected childhood...yours seems so normal. Lovely blog and I am not serious by nature at all. So there!!

Maha said...

I can never look at a child without sighing and wishing to be a child again.
I was not really "childish" back then and I regret it now.