Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspired by Life

NOTE: Check Nema's post which inspired this whole thing, beautifully written and will surely put a smile on your face:

This is a list of a few things I consider to be the best of life:

1- Reading; a really good book, finding yourself in a character, relating to a moment, finishing a book, a friend reading a book based on your recommendation, buying a new (or used) book, reading outloud (not such a reoccurring occasion mainly to my sister specially a classic with an accent), finding a quote in a book, and reading it over and over again and BLOGS! I love reading a few blogs, blogs are addictive and some people write so darn well it just takes you to another place.
2- Having a really good cake.
3- Cooking and being told it's good.
4- Talking at dawn then talking and talking some more until you have no idea what you're talking about.
5- Listening to a kid laugh his heart out.
6- People remembering you.
7- Someone trusting you for reasons you can never figure out.
8- Having something to smile to yourself about.
9- A really good hug from a friend you love.
10- That moment of peace when you feel you're free of any obligation.
11- Sharing randomness.
12- (stolen from Nema's list) A friend telling you "I understand" when they really do.
13- Giggling unstoppably over something silly.
14- Having an honest conversation.
15- Not knowing what to say because of a kindness so gracefully bestowed on you.
16- Giving and rejoicing in that.
17- Listening to dad's stories and feeling how animated he is when he's telling us of things that happened ages ago in such details.
18- Acceptance.
19- Going shopping then coming home and trying on everything again.
20- Watching people get on with their lives.

What would your list include?


Anonymous said...

Reading an amazing blood filled gory thriller along with a cuppa lemon tea and some biscuits in front of an open fire with the company of who ever pass by under the night sky in the cold months of the winter ... those are the joys of life.

Noor said...

oooh that is a joy indeed except the blood filled thriller, I still don't get what's so special about thrillers but I can imagine the feeling :D

Anonymous said...

I guess it is a male thing, or we just like to wait and sit on the edhe of the seat, waiting for that moment when the mask is removed and the culprit is exposed beyond any reasonable doubt. the tick tock of the moment.. the wait.. anticipation..sweat running down your pale face.. am I caught.. did I leave some evidences behind me :D

Maha said...
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Unknown said...

#7 and #15 are amazing!!!!! =)

Grannymar said...

Nos 5, 9, 13, 18 & 20 would all be on my list.

Maria said...

They'd be somewhat similar to yours I'm thinking. I wish you a joyous Eid this time.

Noor said...

@Ammar well, as creepy as you make it sound from the murder's point of view, and as exciting as that is, it still doesn't offer much food for thought.

@Knee <3 <3 <3

@Grannymar Thanks for the comment. I'm glad we share these. :)

@gaelikaa That is so kind of you, thanks so much! I hope you are well.

Emilee said...

I would add a beautiful sunsets, a rainbow after a storm, or watching the hummingbirds at my feeder. And I'm more of a pie gal, than a cake lover. Cake can be beautiful but let you down. Pie is reliable and unpretentious.

Ruqaiya said...

First up let me just say that being friends with you would definitely make it on the list:) And the benefits that come along with that friendship of course. But I guess my list would be more or less similar to mine with a very few tweaks.Ah well! Nothing like a GOOD GOOD Book and that part when you talk about finding those similarities between oneself and a character is spot on!