Thursday, January 11, 2007

first blog

well, I am sorry to know that you're actuly reading here! ok, seriously stop! and get a life or check someone else's blog! anyways where are my manners, welcome to the first blog by dark me! someone who is the worst at writing and well, you would think then why would I start blogging? which is certainly a good point! first, to answer the question I must say that I couldn't care less about what you think about my blogs -unless you think they are good- second, I sometimes need to do everything.
here's a brief about me, for the time being all you need to know is that I am "dark me" a nickname which is the opposite of me. I am quite simple. and I am on my mid-term holiday so with you can imagine I am being really jobless!
now, as I am finishing this first post I would like to welcome myself to the world of blogging!
Take Care,


Unknown said...

manners noor!!you dont start a blog like that!!moi is insulted!! :P...kiddin!great to know you've started your own blog!!

And you're right,you shouldn't care about what people think!:)

cheers!keep them posts coming!!

aska said...

heya noor..!

congratulations on ur first blog!
hats down to ur courage..! lol :P

keep smiling..
and keep writing all the crap u can manage, coz come april.. u'll have competition being the best crapper! :D


Nairobian said...

come on Noor!! haha, I'm sure it's gonna be a great blog, no matter how pessimistic you get.. I like the pink, btw ;)

Rohit said... i dreaming?? is it really u noor? so finally thou hath entered the wonderful world of bloggers!! very much looking forward 2 ur posts...write fast...i can't wait 2 comment more =P

the lord hath said, "all ye men who writeth the blogs...theirs is the kingdom of heaven"!!! if u wanna go 2 heaven, write on! ;)

all the best! =D

Bhishma said...

Wow, can't believe u are here. Am i the only lonely soul in this biiiiig world without a blog???? Hahaha, and according to rohit i am going to hell for it!!!

sucks or not, it's mine said...

hey I don't have a blog in here too!! so that makes two of us!! :D

Rohit said... i'll see bhishma and huda in hell then!! xD!

sorry just a lame joke =P

FaerieDevilish said...

Dear Noor, thanks for your kind comments in my never read (perhaps we should switch titles? xD) blog...

And welcome to the mad world of blogging!!!! *cheers, champagne spraying over everyone, balloons and all*. It can get quite addictive sometimes, but it's a good cause, in my opinion... Lolz.

So well, I hope you enjoy each blog you post, and that you don't spend too much time reading more :p

Love always from Mariel

sheeshany said...

Hello, I have a habit of reaching back to the very 1st post and ask: (how would u describe the blogging experience) "experience!" :D

I have been reading -intermittently-
through your blog (mostly 2013 to be honest)

Noor said...

thanks for passing by.
the blogging experience has been wonderful. i've learned a lot about myself, and i've grown (and i think that's obvious here).

sheeshany said...

It is a venue for self-reflection indeed!

I just like to read/identify similarities and/or differences other bloggers might have during their (journey)

Thanks for your reply.