Friday, January 12, 2007


A year just passed by, leaving me to wonder what life has in store for me. I was wide awake when the clock got to 12:00am, I was waiting for something to happen. 12:20am and still it is the same, people were talking, TV was on, etc. "Maybe I need to wait for the next day" I thought to myself. I fell asleep, with a hope to dream of something but as usual I had a dreamless night! It has been more than 2 weeks since last year ended and I am still in debt. Not to a person, but to the year that changed my life. Now it is 2007, although it doesn't really feel different as if I was in 2006. I think a new year deserves to have a few resolutions, time needs to be cherished. I always make resolutions, rarely do any of them, still trying is all that matters. So having said all that, I am dedicating this post to the next year. I have many things to be done. I need to control my talking, people sometimes have secrets and when someone doesn't want to tell you something you need to be ok with it, so a new motto for this year "I am totaly cool with anything you want to say or you don't want to say" quoting from the movie "Elizabith town". Also, I need to find a solution for intellectual property rights, it is a joke but it has to be on my list. For the moment those are all the things that can be written.
If by chance you didn't have a great 2006 then I suggest to make 2007 worth while, who knows til when we are going to live, I may be here for the next 50 years or more, and I still can be no longer alive tomorrow. But I am looking at the brighter side and thinking I will live forever, and each day of this iternal life has to be taken the most of. If not then why am I even bothering to live and to breathe?
All I can say now is thank God for 2006! And I shalt see what is in store for me, so shalt every living creature on this universe!


sucks or not, it's mine said...

congratulations Noor for your first thing your write and it isn't rubbish at all! I like it!! but don't get too attached! :P
just kidding! it's really cool! and some time later I know you're going to regret the name of your blog in here! trust me when I say this!! ;)

Unknown said...

"I am totaly cool with anything you want to say or you don't want to say"
....yaaay,well said!

And well I know its your choice about the resolutions,but puhleeeeeease listen to me this once,DON'T cut down on your talking okay?!
You wont be noor then!:P

Noor said...

well, I really won't cut down my talking, I wud die if I talked less than I do, so I won't don't worry!
I meant that pushing subjects and being a stalker sumtimes when it cums 2 knwing sumthin or getting sumthin out from a person, u still -thankfully- haven't excperinced that but really um so annoying online and offline on this!

Rohit said...

yay!! finally u started posting! thats gr888...keep writing!!!!!!

FaerieDevilish said...

You know? That's what time is about.

You always feel the same way you felt the second, day, month, year before... Until, HAH!!! The fae of time comes and kicks you in the liver and reminds you that you are not in primary anymore - you are less than one year away from having to apply for uni.

'Carpe diem', dear Noor. 'Seize the day'. We're still young and beautiful ;D lolz

I love your blog!!


Waed S. said...

I would have loved to be the first to comment but what can I do?
Anyway, Amazing noor but remember live this life as if you are a passenger a passer by! Don't get too attached to it. Life is not what it seems to be! I am only 17 and shouldn't be saying this to 14 year old... but as u grow up ur gonna see it!Carpe diem but to a limit , seize the moment for right reasons and right things.... thats all I have to say on this