Thursday, January 18, 2007

Great Hope

How much more will it take? It has been more than five long years of my life and the horrible feeling of being lost is still there. I am being very ungratful for what I have, but sometimes I can not help it. If the situation keeps going like this then there will not be a place that I can call home. People are suffering greater, and going through more strong experiences, and the best thing I can do is sit back in my comfortable chair and pitty myself and hope that I would go home. But when I think of it, I have all the right. My home where I belong, where all my family lives there, not wait for the two times that my family gets together in one year. May there be a time that God gives the person responsible for this what that person deserves. Living away from my country have taught me great things. It has given my life a meaing and it made me more mature than my age. I began to understand things and started to find explanations for whatever I go through. It has inriched my life. In other words it shaped my life, because I believe strongly that one's life is shaped according to what one goes through. Looking back I can safely say I have been through a great deal, at the age of six I was with my family and they thought that our end has come. I have lived three long years without my father. But on the whole I am so blessed to live here. Where people are valued. Where I can get my needs, not like so many people who live in constant fear. I believe I would have been one if I stayed in my "home". Although everything says that things are only going for the worse. Having people die on their way to buy something from the market only implies to cruelity. However I hope and believe that no matter how bad it gets, it will someday get better. I will always feel that way, God's mercy is beyond everything!
It can not be the end. Life as much as we sometimes hate it and love it can not end this way. Open endings only happen in stories,movies, ect. not in real life. There is more to life than having it end openly. Life is not always a pretty journey, we all know that. Still you can go through things you never imagined. I can not keep sitting on my computer and only be helpless, it is in within my power to end this, and I shalt do my best!


Waed S. said...

May GOD Help Iraq and bring whats best for it and for its people... and I hope someday I will come to visit you there, visit you at home with all your family and loved ones! but hey becareful um gonna 2lazeg 3ndkom w 26fshkom!! u might wanna leave , lol!

Unknown said...

ok now i really don't know what to say!

are you really just 14 or are you trying to fool me??!!!

nope seriously lady,that was one hell of a post..I can't hit on it,but you sound really over mature...I dont even know what it is that you've gone through that has made you shoulder so much responsibility and maturity at your age...

whatever it is,it will come to an end!Life is beautiful,and you'll get to know :)