Friday, January 12, 2007

Life Lesson

What do you know? How many questions hunt you down? How many questions that you don't even dare to ask? dreading the answers, fearing your reaction! I hear people avoiding some topics, when you ask a question all you get in return is someone who doesn't answer or saying that "certain things can not be talked about" why may I ask, but changing the subject is all I get. I have come with terms when it comes to being silenced, I have developed a method to act when such things happen. "someday we'll know". Amazing how much a song can get to you, it made me satisfied with the answers I get and made me persuade my quest in knowing everything I want to know. Curiosity and courge are all it takes to have your answers answered. I must not forget the most important factor which is knowing where to stop, because somethings or I should rephrase it, some people may do what ever they may do, if one thing life has taught me then it is: people are capable of doing everything!
alas, why am I here? I do not wish to have this question answered for me ever! I would like to taste the answer and feel it. I am sure I will find out everything I want to know at the exact right time it needs to be known. Until then, I am having the time of my life by simply living. My world is simple and it is too big for me. One day I hope I may feel it is getting smaller.
leaving with this question: Why are you here? Do not answer me, tell it to yourself for I do not wish to know.


Bhishma said...

Wow, that was so well written. How dare you say you weren't a good writer. Lemme confess, you have a fine style in writing!!! But um sure that u do not wish to know, exams make me crack the sadest jokes on the planet!!

Noor said...

ok ok! thank u, and well I thot we agreed that exams get on ur nerves so howz the petition going?? ;)

Rohit said...

awesome noor!! am lost for words...its just fantastic! i second bhishma...don't u dare say u r a bad writer!!! its sumthing totally unexpected from a 14 year old! ok i know i keep saying this but am always surprised by the way u deeply!

keep writing...keep thinking...keep asking the questions! ;)

Ashok said...

madam thats one of the most meaningfull literary masterpiece I have ever come accross. Keep it up madam, I may learn a thing or two reading your posts.