Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

Try to break your life circle, do not let it become a circle. Every once and a while shape it differently or let life drift away and let your self drift, then get back on track. You will see matters from a new angle. Do what ever it takes to achieve your goals for no one on this earth will do them for you. Everyone is following their goals or trying to find them. Do not let the tide take you too far. Every body keeps looking, for what I wonder. They may not know, neither do they care. Can you believe someone looking for what one knows not. I have done that, looked for the unknown in all the places and I have found more than I looked for, be it good or bad. You can not always expect to have your questions answered, your wishes granted.
Do what you think best at the moment and regret it later, just do what you think and say what you think. There may not be a time to do that again. Embrace every moment and just breathe in it. The best thing to do is breathe and feel the air fell your lungs.
Sometimes I sit and think, I think of how can I express a thought. The way to express it never comes. It is 2:57am and I am suffering from expressing myself at this very exact minute. I am having many thoughts to express. Will life or my time on this life be sufficient to express them. I do not know. I would not care if I expressed them all. My thoughts sometimes need to be kept to myself, it can not go beyond. As I am running out of words at 3am I believe going to bed would be the best thing to do. So I hope you managed to understand anything from this. Good night and we shalt meet again as I have still many thoughts that need to be expressed!

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