Thursday, January 18, 2007

A new year, here it comes

Imagine 1427 years ago, in a small cave stayed two men dreading being caught. Their legs streched out from the cave. They would have been caught if it wasn't for God's mercy. It only shows never to give up. The begginning of the Islamic histoy.... They left in order to over come oppression, to spread God's message across the globe. It changed the destiny of this world. Many lives have been changed. Millions of lives wouldn't be living the same if it wasn't for this immigration. Our prophet Mohammed and his best friend went from Mecca to Al-Madina on foot. All we need to do is remember the great suffer our prophet went through, and all he did and faced shouldn't go to waste, we should stick together and not let small differences get in the way. Not only with muslims we should do that, it is with the rest of the creatures!
I just want to say "Happy New Year" to everyone and wish them a happy new year. May it bring all we wish for. And that it may end our conflicts. I can not believe that it is between us, the ones who actully believe in the same things. Lets raise above this, as they say. And make this a new start for all the world. This is all for now! May the world be a better place....


Anonymous said...

"Great men are great not just because of their great actions but in their interpretations of the smallest event that happens around them".

Prophet Mohammed was a noble person who gave direction and peace to millions of people then and now. May his soul be in peace.

A belated happy new year to you.:)

Waed S. said...

Sticking together is the thing to do... and we have the glue , I mean we have what will stick us together and that's our faith ... but there are a million hand streched to seperate us that's what we need to overcome... تحيا القومية! I am becoming more convinced of it everyday!:D