Thursday, July 28, 2011


They're supposed to have a language. Do they, though? Your eyes are a gate to your soul, they'll convey your innermost feelings without your permission and so they'll give you away. You'd read sometimes in a book how somebody's eyes sparkled with joy, danced even.

I'm not experienced enough with the language of eyes to offer my opinion freely on the matter. Yet, I wish I was introduced to their magic. I need to be more of a sentimentalist to do that and understand what a person's eyes are screaming to the ignorant world.

How can eyes be happy or sad? I've tried gazing into people's eyes, I have. All I got was a mock at my ignorance. They're beautiful though, aren't they? I know for a fact that they hold secrets, which is perhaps why I feel jealous of anyone speaking of eyes and of how they understand their hidden secrets.
Who knows I might discover the wonders of eyes or I might always be in the dark. It's a bit daunting that your soul can be seen through so easily. Therefore,

Dear eyes,
Whatever it is that you are trying to convey to the world, please don't give me away so easily.


ibhog said...

I know how to read eyes. it's intriguing at times; it's not only eyes btw, it's the way you sometimes read a person as whole, their air, body language, voice tone and eyes ..

bass lemme tell you something to be honest ya3ny, i sometimes wish I couldn't, it's too much and it'll make you obsess. the unknown, whatever it was, has its charms that I never enjoy because of how much I read in people.

I sometimes don't want to feel what everybody is feeling ..

on za bright side tho .. it lets you see the beautiful things too :) .. and that's a part I would never give up ..

Noor said...

@ibhog What's the trick though? How did you learn the language? Experience?

I understand what you're saying though. I feel it's an intrusion of some sort.
The body language is definitely there, and though it's also not very easy to understand it's good that it's there sometimes, so you know what a person's state of mind is like.

Thank you for your comment though and for sharing your thoughts. You can't have the good without the bad.

Windswept Dreams said...

Sometimes the hardest thing is seeing something is wrong and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe its for the best you cant read eyes <3

Rohit said...

I agree with this whole eyes business...from personal experience I can tell it holds true for me at least. Its possible to connect with people through their eyes. Its quite creepy sometimes but the feeling is wonderful :)

Eyes give away a lot more than the mind intends to...