Friday, July 30, 2010

Vision cleared

Dear blog,
There are a lot of times I feel I need to let out my feelings but I just don't know where. You have served me very well over the years, and lately I've felt the need to vent out here but didn't do it. I am like that. I plan things in my head, but they take ages to happen.
I can't believe the things that are happening, the things being said. I try to do and say the right things, yet when I know I'm right I don't say anything. It's mostly because people have changed, or I've only begun now to understand them better. Most of the people around me stick to their point of view and they listen to argue back not to actually understand what you're saying.
It's frustrating to be in such a position. Am I seeing life the way it is?

Everybody can make a difference and change the world. If we disagree with the way our society works, then why live up with it? Why can't we try to change it?
I was shocked when I was told that there was no point in trying to change people's mind about something and going against the unwritten rules of conduct, because my life would be ruined in the process, so why can't I just live with it?
I tried to argue miserably over the fact that we can change because you're supposed to be the change you want to see in the world according to Gandhi. Yet people won't see it that way.

Why do we live by people's rules and not our own? And you ask what's wrong with our societies?! It's the state of comforness we reached, how we only complain and do nothing to change it.
How pathetic!

With hope,


Mohammad said...

You'll always find the people around you saying this, especially in this god-forsaken part of the world we live in. Just don't listen, that's all. Pursue your own notions however weird it sounds to those around you, cuz in the end you're right even if you are wrong. You'll learn 1000 times more when you make a mistake than when you just follow. Look at the people around you and see how they ended up. For me, I just see dead people around me most of the time, and they don't even know it. I know if I listened to them I would've ended up just like them.

هَالـة said...

if you have your own vision and view .. just go ahead for it nomutter how people look to you as !
the most important thing is not how to chang the world but how to chang our self ..

we have to believe of our self to do something
= ) wish u all the BEST !

Noor said...

@Mohammed you're absolutely right. Your attitude rules really, if we keep on doing what people expect us to do we won't have any self-respect left.
Thank a lot for your comment. It made me feel better!

@Hala The hardest and most important thing is changing your self, what you say makes perfect sense. Thank you so much dear for your comment!