Saturday, July 17, 2010


While I waited for any friend to come online, and as I fought the urge to play a silly facebook game that my brother doesn't even understand and asks laughingly 'Is that it? No explosions?', I needed to take a step back to assess and then, hopefully, be able to take a step forward.

I turn uneasily in my bed at night, thinking of everything all at once, and trying to decide. I say to myself, now you can think clearly; what do you want to do? I try to push back the answer that comes first, it says 'Save The World'. As I push it back I wonder why, it's what I truly want to do. I may have a narrow-minded understanding of what that means but I'm ready to be converted to any way that can accomplish that goal.
Results are out, what comes next is what matters. Where and what? How should I know? I guess I should, and I'm trying to convince myself of certain majors, I'm sounding dramatic using "convincing". I, too, have expectations of myself, and I need to see them come true. I always thought when my time comes I'll just know what to do, or they'll open up a major that is just right for me.Neither happened. I'm praying I'll choose right though!

Let's enjoy the moment.
Listen to loud music; and screw up the lyrics! :D

I always thought life happened, and would happen to me too when I grew up. It seemed that way on tv. I've learned that you have to make it happen, and it's probably the hardest thing ever.
To live.... happily! It's a choice you make.
So will you choose the right thing? You're worth it. (Talk about pep talk.)

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