Thursday, July 1, 2010

At the Mall

It's always fun to go to the mall. You're on your way with hopes you'll find something to buy, you'll eat that ice-cream you've been craving for so long, get that book you always wanted to read, and much more.
You arrive. You look around. You think there are many pieces worth considering, yet when you look closely you find nothing. You go eat dinner and never have that ice-cream. You see the book but think it's always there and can be bought another time. You leave the mall with thoughts of coming again in a week to filfull the plans you had in the first place.

The people are another thing. I always think of the mall as a place where you can see pretty much everyone. I don't mind people, I love watching them sometimes. I just hate people with certain airs they give themselves. I always thought people should be themselves.
I almost always catch myself laughing at something my sister is saying when we're walking at the mall, and I'd look around and there's a guy looking at me who may think I'm smiling at him. I'd hate that. I would seriously get annoyed by it before, but now I don't care! (:

So I hope this pointless post cheered you up a bit. And next time I'm at the mall, which would be tomorrow I think, I will have that Buskin Robbins ice-cream. Yes, I will!

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