Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is thy purpose?

I was tagged by Waed to state the purpose that my blog serves. I am obliged to venture on the purpose of my blog.
I enjoy updating other people on what's happening in my life, it's fun! Plus sometimes I have to ponder upon some of the things that frustrate me.
And most of the times I feel like complaining about my school and my teachers. So my blog serves a personal purpose obviously and I enjoy that it's my little space in this wide virtual world where I can blog about what matters to me.
And sometimes it's just to get these things I'm thinking about out loud and out of my system.

I think that's about it, my blog serves me. :D

Thanks for tagging me Waed, I don't think I'll tag anyone, so please if you're reading and want to speak about the purpose of your blog, be my guest.


ViCtoria* said...

"You rock" "You rule!"
Aww that image was so so cute! :D Excellent choice! But that motivation board, my gosh :P If I had known I would've erased that part with Photoshop, but nevermind!*

Hope you are doing great at school and greetings to your family! I'm off to do some reading (at LAST some work to do!)

Anonymous said...

if i may ask are you from jordan originally?

Noor said...

Dear anonymous,
I am not originally from Jordan, I am an Iraqi living in Oman. :)

Anonymous said...

ohh thanx for answering!

Noor said...

You're most welcome :)