Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm sorry

I've heard and read people saying that we say 'Sorry' and we apologize just because we want to feel better about ourselves. When you don't say you're sorry, you feel that you have to, to get it off your chest.
I don't agree when they say we say it to feel good about ourselves, maybe sometimes we do, maybe in some cases it involves that, but not in most cases.
I really believe that we say 'sorry' because we didn't mean to do something or we are really sorry and want the person to know that.
It's not because we want to free ourselves from that feeling upon one's chest of guilt for not saying Sorry. Even though I believe that we don't say it to feel better about ourselves, I can't be very certain about this. I believe in humanity, and maybe we're selfish, not everything in us is bad. I hope you understand what I mean.
I'd like it if you shared your opinion with me. :) Please do, so that maybe I can get a clearer perspective.


Waed S. said...

We say sorry for a lot of reasons and feeling better about ourselves is sadly one of them ! some people think that apologies make them better people !
and we say we are sorry to ask for forgiveness from those we hurt or treated badly , we say we are sorry to make others feel better !!

Love ur philosophy ya benet ;)

Ashok said...

It depends really. There are people who say sorry and combine with efforts to make it up for what they did or try and correct the wrongs or atleast have it in them to do so and there are those who say sorry, turn around smile evilly and walk away.

Half the people I say sorry to routinely are those who demand an apology when it is not exactly required. In these cases I am the latter version, I say sorry turn around and walk away smiling at how easy it is to just make someone's ego happy. But sometimes when I do know that I have done wrong, it eats me up from inside and I end up apologising again and again and still feel about it. I guess I am bipolar this way :P