Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And all at once the crowd begins to sing...

Time for another blog, I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. This lack of posting from my side has made me lose my inspiration. It's just that I've been busy with school. You all know how it is. I mean it's kind of weird that school isn't as bas as it used to be, it really is all about how you look at it. But the thing is, it's the weekend tomorrow and we have three exams to study for, and a science project to finish.
And I have an appointment with my dentist, so I just hope we'll be able to do everything right. It's a lot. I know most of you has exams and is busy so wishing everyone good luck.

Well, so what else is there to tell?
Let's share some funny incidents from school, there are a few.
Science Lesson:
Teacher: Do we have Elastic Potential Energy?
Class: Noooo
Me: We're not Elastic. (Duh!)

^^ I said it not jokingly by the way.

Well, that's what I can remember. ;)
We still didn't have a birthday party, how very unfair. I mean being sixteen isn't much different from being 15 or anything, it's just cooler to say 'I'm 16'.
Such a profound reason to be happy that I'm sixteen now.
I've finished reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray which was a very good read, :) and have moved on to David Copperfield. I want to start reading something for Nicholas Sparks, maybe when I start thinking David Copperfield will be a very long read, I'll start reading True Believer along with it. Would be fun!

That's the updates I can think of.
Have fun ;)

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