Thursday, March 6, 2008

Valuable Possessions


I think most of us have these items when you feel they're so precious and so you can't use them. So people end up either storing them, keeping them in someplace safe or so on.
You end up not getting the most of these things. For me when I was younger, I used to collect stickers for barbie. The pretty ones I never used, just kept them in boxes and when I was looking through a box I found some of them and now that I'm not the fan of barbie I was then, I can't find a use for them. Maybe give them to someone younger. I also had these small note books that looked really great back then to me and here they are, un-used. But that was when I was younger, I think I do still buy those things that I will never use but I think they're nice so I just buy them.
People store those crystal things, and things they value and those beautiful things they bought but they think they'd be better off somewhere safe that these things can stay the way they are for long.

I just want to know what's the point? Isn't it better to use those things, right? Than leaving them.
This is probably silly, but I just thought of letting it out, because if what I said doesn't convince you, buying things you won't use is harmful and leads to GLOBAL WARMING! So there.


Ashok said...

My prized posessions is the small collection of books and DVD's I have of some of my favourite movies and I hardly tend to use them. Good thing you mentioned this :)

Waed S. said...

This is really true noor and I have done it and I am still doing it I guess!
Piling up things that are never used is really a bad habbit !
it wastes money and space , ur room ends up looking like some hardware store , and it is bad for the environment like u said ;)

consumerism is really bad !