Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life with metals inside my mouth

I got braces. My teeth aren't so bad but they need being in shape. When I was younger I thought it was cool to get braces but obviously I was wrong. They give you the geeky look. Thankfully I don't have to wear glasses (yet).
The first few days were a drag, I could only eat yoghurt and soup and such stuff. But then after the fourth day, things got much better. I can eat 'real' food now. Like maccaroni. In fact the ideal food right now is either maccaroni or the typical lunch meal the consists of rice and red soup. But now it's kind of awkward since I'm the one always smiling and when I do that now you see my whole mouth which isn't really pretty.
I just hope that when I go to school they wouldn't stare at me, you see there isn't any one with braces so that might be a bit of a scene and if you knew how my school is you'd certainly know it'd create a scene and we're already being stared at for nothing (no bragging i swear).
But I got them pinky which is cool, I don't know if you can change the colour like when I have my regular visits. If it's possible I'm planning to get the best I can get out of this. I'll definitely get a different colour.

One more weird thought: If I passed a metal detector would it start beeping? I want to try that out. I should just fly somewhere because there's metal detectors when you're in the airport.
That should be fun to check out.

But it's a fun experience. The first visit wasn't really great. My dentist is a nice one. I gave him a hard time though. It kind of hurt, I mean not much but I'm a drama queen. I hope the next visits would be better.

Anyways, my school is in about a week from now. It's not really exciting but I hope the second semster would be better and that I somehow have gotten used to my beloved teachers. I survived the first one, so hopefully this one will be easier to handle. Wish me luck. I'll need that.

Have a good night people. I'll keep on trying to enjoy my life with these metals :P


Unknown said...

Ok that was too funny! The metal detector issue.. No worries! If I remember correctly, nothing happened when you walked near one!

Again, good luck with everything at school! I'm sure you'll do great. And if there's someone that wants to tease you because of your braces, there's a bully waiting in the city of Lima.. That will preach them but be too afraid to harass them phisically :P.

Unknown said...

and that was physically!*

Tc Noory Noor!

Waed S. said...

I knew we had sth in common :P
Metal detector ! I wanna know how it wud go :P
and oh braces wud look cool with spectacles :P like red geeky ones ! and I know sum girls who change the color to match their clothes :P but I think that is a bit too much!!

gtg now , enjoy ur metals and remember what u get when u rub metals against each other :P

Ashok said...

lol it would beep if you passed a metal detector, I speak from experience :D

Hang in there kid, I had a tough time with my braces too. Just a couple of days and it will be long gone leaving behind a perfect set of teeth that could give Julia Roberts a run for her money. :P