Saturday, February 9, 2008

*I am a changed person, every day brings new things*

Listening to: We Belong Together (I think I'll keep on repeating it)
Doing: Blogging obviously and talking to a friend and that's it.
Thinking about: How hyper I am at the moment.
Liking: My hyperness
Loving: Being positive
Singing: I've been all outta my element, been throwing things, crying, trying to figure out what the hell went wrong, the pain reflected in the song ain't even half of what I'm feeling inside oh baby baby

Well, I'm pretty hyper right now but I am listening to this slow song because when I first came online I listened to rockish songs but now this song suits my mood because even though I am hyper I like how it's smooth and although it's pretty sad it won't get me in a sad mood.
I just would like to express my thankfulness on a few things:
-People I love (You rule, every single one of you, I wouldn't love you if you didn't rule. Ok I may need to say the word rule a little less)
-A Walk To Remember
-My Books
-Freaky Friday (For getting me in this hyper mood which I know won't go away that soon, even though it has Lindsay but it was in those days that I liked her)
-Accepting my life (I love these moments)
-Knowing that I can change for the better
-You (You know who you are, and for other people no it's not my special person :P Ok lol)

I guess I really need my beauty sleep, after such a hypery post I should just chillax.
All the best with everything, and thank you for reading. :)


Waed S. said...
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Waed S. said...

U are the one who Rules , like big times :D :D :D :D :D :D
4get what I said earlier ! ur punkish mood is awesome :D

lots of love ;)
I got 11 hours of beauty sleep :P That was like playing dead on ur mum :P

Ashok said...

Somebody is really happy :) A wonderfully positive post :D Keep up the spirit madam.

Unknown said...

Life rocks! Let's cry together!! Ok that was an utter contradiction but still! U RULE, Noory Noor!* Keep on rocking on :D! The title is especially uplifting :)

Tons of smiles!*