Friday, February 22, 2008

Giving Advice

I know that I don't give the greatest advices. I'm not a very good advisor and I admit that. If you have a problem, I can be a good listener. It's just that I'm afraid my advice wouldn't work out for the other person, they might get into trouble, etc.
Anyways well, when I got back to school this week, almost everyone was feeling depressed about their results and stuff. It was indeed our first state exams, so they were very stressful and such. And the exams weren't the same as the ones we used to have from teachers.
For me I thought they went well, I mean sure they could have been better but that's always the case. But I'm grateful for how they went.

So what I've been trying to tell you is that an acquaintance (let's call her that since I don't really know her, she's from another class, but from the 10th grade) of mine came to me and asked for my advice on how to study because she seemed like a girl who gets nice marks. She said she was having a hard time with English/maths/science.
Now I tried giving her the best advice I could, I mean I thought I was doing well by saying 'You know don't study too much and then you'll get sick of studying at the end of the term, just take it easy and don't stay up to more than 12 at midnight'.
She said she usually finishes studying at 1 a.m.
I was somehow shocked, because you'd think a person who stays this late studying would get good marks. It really makes me wonder, because I don't stay up until 1 a.m. studying, but still that doesn't mean I don't study well.
And she also asked about English, I mean I don't really know how to tell a person how to best study English. Our English book isn't that helpful really.
Well, I blabbered a bit on how I studied and what she should do but I know I did a lousy job. But I mean studying is something you should figure out yourself, I really admired that she had the courage to come and ask for help but I'm really sad I couldn't help out. I mean I did what I could.
I mean what would be the best advice to tell a person who asks you how to study?

I have no idea!

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Waed S. said...

Well, u r right about the fact that u can't tell ppl how to study , it depends on the person really! but u did what u had to do in shuch case :P U adviced her and that's the best u cud do to her !

Do not get carried away with the giving advice part :P *kidding!
U are more sane than I am these days :P