Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back 2 school

I'm finally blogging. Yay!

Ok, well I got back to the second semester of school to find that they changed our previous science teacher. Which was really awesome, she wasn't exactly my favourite teacher.

And it's been a good semester so far (I don't want to jinx it but it's been quite good).
I didn't get stares for my braces, but one girl in my bus was like 'I really like your braces, keep smiling'. I was happy to get such a comment because most of the comments I got were something like 'It looks scary, does it hurt...?'
But no stares so far. Which is awesome.
Now our school is too caught up with a competition about cleanliness, every year it's the same thing. Prepare the school for the competition and for the local judges and then the national judges that's if they picked our school.
They want us to know about the competition, clean the classroom, take part in the activities and do our homeworks, prepare well for our lessons, etc.
They demand too much, I'm down with homeworks/projects and such but more is unacceptable. Still, I end up saying 'OK teacher, I'll do it'.
Not just me, everyone else.

Oh and our results came out, thankfully they went well, which is good. Now we're loaded with work, you can see where I'm going, it's too much, and they're soo inconsiderate blah blah blah.

Besides school, there's hardly anything happening. I couldn't see the lastest episode of Grey's Anatomy and Dr. McSteamy was going to be on. Bummer! The first time he'll be on the show. Well, that's the down side of school, and you ask why I don't like it.

I did my complaining of the day, hope you had fun reading. ;)


Waed S. said...

I watched Grey's anatomy!
when I went to get my books today ther was this book for older med student's which is called : Gray's anatomy ! my friend was like : can we get this instead of the one we should get? !

U missed Dr.Mcsteamy! but well, Mcdreamy is wayyyyy better :P

Unknown said...

Ah ah girlfriend, I beg to differ :P Lol, I love Mc Steamy!* Mc Dreamy is good, but I kind of find patterns in my TV crushes!

Mucha suerte (lots of luck) with school again, you'll definitely rock it big time, habibti :D!