Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do schools kill creativity?

I was looking at this site I got from NotJustTheFuture blog and this one video caught my attention. Why this one you may ask. It's quite simple to tell you the truth. Once I read 'Do schools kill creativity' I was highly interested.
I would highly recommend that you watch this video, the speaker has a really great idea and the presentation is really funny too. I had a few laughs and it really gets you thinking if school does kill one's creativity. And I mean if I had spoke about this topic I'd be totally unobjective (?) but when you listen to a former university professor you'll get an unbiased point of view.
It's kinda long but I'm sure you'll like it. It's like this:
When you're not prepared to make mistakes, you can't be creative and the worst thing you can do in your school is a mistake.

I really think he's right. Shouldn't schools be there to educate us and open our eyes that when you make a mistake it's ok. That's how you'll learn. I don't know about the school(s) you've been to but mine haven't really made it sound like it was OK to make a mistake.

So take a few minutes to watch the video and let me hear your opinions. Here's the link:
Sorry I couldn't post the video directly in here, I only know how to post YouTube videos.


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Waed S. said...

Well I kinda think it is true!!
Schools do not kill creativity , Schools kill a kind of creativity !! Most educators think of certain activities as creative hence approval of such activities whereas other activities might be useless to them hence total ban of such activities!!!
And Making mistakes is the best way to leatn but to our "beloved" educators it is not !!
However I had fun at school and they allowed me to be creative :P
Will watch the ved. later !!