Monday, January 14, 2008

Realizations come after exams are through

Today my mid-term exams finally came to an end. All I can say is that they went better than I thought they would.
Anyways going through these exams made me feel I lack many things. I mean these exams are the first "real" exams I've had. They were state exams and so, they were tougher than the exams we get from our teachers.
I've came to realize there are a few things I should have been taught (I phrase it this way so that it wouldn't say it straight that I should have acquired these things or learned them).
I should have been taught that exams do not say anything about who you are. I should have been taught that if you got a question wrong, it's alright, that mistakes make you learn lessons you won't forget. I should have been taught how to deal with exams.
I have been really stressed out, I mean at times it did reach a high rate but then on times I was only a little nervous.
There's this Arabic saying that goes like this:
'In the day of test, a person is either honoured or humiliated'
Or something like that. To tell you the truth, although I am a big believer that there are much more important things in life that show the real you than your school exams, I believe in such a saying. Both tests that we get in school and the tests you get in life. I believe most of you would agree with the later, I don't know if you would agree with the former but I do.
Might seem as though I have still more to learn, and that's totally true. We all have things to learn but my things are a bit different, just like everyone else's.

If you can't relate, I will not pretend to be the one who breaks this down to you but that's the best that I can do. I know I need to get over my exams anxiety and break-downs but still they're what pushes me forward to finish up my exams in a good way.
Anyways I just had to let that out, exhaling those last bits of nervousness out of my body. Exams are over and it's the time to enjoy the holidays fooling around with nothing to do. And just on the side note, if you're wondering who should've taught me the things I mentioned earlier don't ask, not that I will be unwilling to answer, it's just that I don't have the least idea. Maybe I should've taught myself but again maybe someone else, and maybe just maybe I shouldn't have been taught these things. Maybe I need to acquire them somehow someway.

Well.... What to say I'm still a little school girl. :)


Unknown said...


I saw your e-card, thanks so so so much! TONS TONS of congrats to u too!!* I hope you're enjoying the end of these past frustrating days! You passed a milestone of life one could say :P Oh and I was watching The Simpsons Movie too! Finished it a while ago.

I think I relate with what you are feeling. I used to get stressed out with the exams the way you need. I learned that grades weren't so important by myself, at the end. And I'm glad you learned this lesson by yourself now :).

Life will get more complicated, and by the way you are advancing it, you'll handle it gracefully :)*

Tons of luv!

Ashok said...

Don't worry about it. Its quite alright to feel this way. Enjoy your holidays and leave all the exams behind you :)

Dhrid said...

Hey amiga!,
thanks for commenting :). I can connect with your realizations....sadly my midterms are coming up next week :(, I am completely prepared to do miserably on two of them...why shield myself from the inevitable lol. Well i'm trying to study yet not take it too harshly at the same time. Because as you presents us with some tests that are way more important

david santos said...

Hi Great work, Noor
Excellent post!
Thank you.
have a good weekend

Unknown said...

Ahh exams, they've definately become a subject in the blogosphere. Check out the blog on for what we have to say about exams!