Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elegant oblivion

Some perfume, the lovely dress
One last look into the mirror, a smile
Not what you would call elegant perhaps
But the closest she'll ever get to elegance
Was here and now

She walks knowing they await
Never truly needed
A presence that's merely reassuring
Brushed aside, an afterthought
She was done aching over all of that

Greeting them, a kiss on the cheek
Accepting compliments
The small talk, their pains,
Her prayers offered silently

Stolen moments from her private world
Into theirs
Back in the sanctuary of her room
No one else mattered, everyone else mattered
She lived in contradication more than anything else

And so,
It merely ended,
To start again. 


Anonymous said...

Interesting.. is she the alter ego :) U reminded me with the last verse of Kalimat .. wa a3oodo a3oodo ila 6awilati la shay2a ma3i siwa kalimat. when u said back to the sanctuary of her room no one else mattered, everyone else mattered. she lived in contradiction more than anything else.

Noor said...

You can say that, a bit of me. :D

I'm flattered it reminded you of kalimat, that is very awesome. Thank you for the comment!