Saturday, November 12, 2011

Childish thoughts

At times, I want to sit on the floor, cry like a kid who's been deprived of his favorite toy, yell and maybe crash a vase into the floor. A proper tantrum.
Perhaps then you'll notice I'm here and that I have feelings. Perhaps you'll remember we all have it hard at one point or another. Perhaps you'll give me what I want only to enjoy your peace of mind. Perhaps I'll fill you with momentary guilt. Perhaps you'll pass by and shut your door.
Perhaps you'll shower me with love and attention. Perhaps you'll listen to my muffled voice complaining of a trifle, how I'm ignored and sad, how I don't understand anything anymore, how people made me feel as if my problems were so insignificant.
Maybe I'll suddenly stop and realize how silly I'm being. Maybe I'll laugh while crying, surprise you with my tangled emotions. Maybe I'll go on till I fall asleep with cheeks wet of tears.
For a moment, I'd have indulged in childish anger that's completely selfish. I want to stop being understanding for one second and let it all go.
Keep turning around, world, I'll be fine.


Windswept Dreams said...

I love this! It's the most beautiful perfect surprise ever <3

Maybe one day you'll indulge yourself ;) for now, stay strong, some people need you :P

Noor said...


Your comments give me hope. Thank you. I'm stronger than I appear to be, don't worry. <3