Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reading Take #01

In holidays when I have a lot of free time, besides watching loads of movies I tend to read for hours at a time. I don't realize I've been reading for a long time until after wards when I look at myself in the mirror and I see that red line in my eye that screams at me "What have you done?". I sometimes, sometimes worry about my eyes because I really tire them of reading small-fonted books...
Sometimes I don't even notice it till some family member asks "Why is your eye so red?" I instantly think that if I say because of reading they'll tell me to take it easy but I know holidays are scarce so I must take full advantage of them.
However, there's a big chance I might have to wear glasses which I have no feelings about, because that would make it seem more real and I thank God for my eye vision and want it to stay the same forever.

How about you? Do you that get red line in your eyes because of hours of reading?

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