Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear mom

I didn't help out with house work all last year because I was a 12th grader who shouldn't do anything but study. Of course that and the fact that mom absolutely refused us helping her and taking away our precious time. Now we're 1st year medicine students and mom still won't let us even wash the lunch dishes. Of course our course is unbelievably demanding, but we knew what we signed up for. Exams are continuous and you have to study all the time, or most of the time anyways.
Sometimes we insist on at least washing the dishes because we honestly feel guilty about not doing anything. The clothes are left there hanging from weekend to the next till mom comes and gathers them without complaint, the room is always messy and she tidies it restlessly. I could go on and on about all the things she does and I'm sure I'd miss so many because we really don't pay attention and we're ungrateful people.
Mom would all the time say no to help, sometimes because she doesn't want us to waste time and sometimes.... sometimes it's for different reasons. One of them is this:
One day mom was going out to a gathering with family friends. She wanted to iron her scarf, I immediately volunteered. 'Mom, give it to me I'll do it'. She declined and said she could do it herself, I insisted wanting to do something for her. She finally gave way. I began the piece-of-cake task. It was a silk scarf so I knew I had to be careful, and I was. However the side I was ironing it on wasn't getting ironed as it should, so I turned it to the side and just as I put the ironer on it was burned. So quickly! Luckily it was only a little spot. I went and showed it to her, and she was like 'That's why I like to do things on my own.' Of course, after a while she came and apologized saying it was ok and she wasn't mad.

Yet, we still insist out of a need to help. I always want to help but not that often actually help, then when I get in the way which I always end up doing mom keeps trying to move around me and I feel her exasperation so I simply leave.

Another is when I try to help her with preparing lunch. She makes everything perfect while I keep on asking a million questions. She'd ask a simple request like put some oil on the pan, so I start pouring it and keep asking every second 'Mom, is this enough?'. And the problem is that I don't ask, I nag. I have this compulsive need to make sure what I'm doing is correct which annoys everyone around me.
Other examples are when she asks me to mop the floor, or more like when she starts mopping the floor and I go and insist I do it, then after I'm done she'll do it after me! That's frustrating really. Or when she started washing the clothes, and I walk into the bathroom demanding her to leave now because it's my job in the house to wash the clothes. She'd resist but then I get to the point of kicking her out. :P

Moms! You can never ever ever live without them. I'm beginning to appreciate that fact now when we live on our own and get to see my parents only during the weekends. So mom, even though I suck at helping you, you rock! You never ever get tired from fulfilling our endless needs, and you always make everything seem so easy while it's very hard.

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