Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ramadan Shows and Ads

So it's Eid. And although it hasn't been much, it is nice!
Ramadan is over, and so are the million tv shows they did for it this year, but hey! They're probably starting to make more for next Ramadan. The tv shows are quite good, but it's a shame they're only showed during Ramadan (yes, there are re-runs afterwards, but it goes on for the rest of the year until next Ramadan, in that time between them there's nothing new).
It's like they made Ramadan become about what tv shows and such, it's really not good.

I didn't watch any tv show regularly this Ramadan, but I saw episodes of a few of them. They were good. I just need to vent on 2 facts they don't notice, (they = the makers of the tv shows).
1. A show can be successful without having the lead character a woman who's had to struggle all her life, and she's an angel at heart, but the whole world seems to be against her. Seriously! You can get more creative than that.
2. Endings don't have to be either so devastatingly sad, or to happy endings with everyone either getting married, finding the love of their lives or making up with the one they love. Rise above such cliches, I don't mind happy endings, in fact I love that. I just need them to be believable!! It's not too much to ask, is it?!

Anyhow, I simply need to share these ads as they're UNBELIEVABLE hilarious.

Gotta love Ahmed Mekky. Those were my fav Ramadan ads!!!! :D
Hope everyone had an awesome Eid, or is enjoying their time! Love

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Unknown said...

I can't watch the videos right now..but I wanted to comment on the two things you mentioned:
I so agree with the first one, they never really make reasonable or plausible endings, that's why if you come to Egypt, you'll find most of the people all carried away with the series, it's like "Oh that's exactly my life", pretending they're so angels at heart, when in fact no one of us is like that, that's just the media's play to fool and delude people. And I gotta say that's smart, because people are believing it already!

Can't wait to read a new review of the books you read! =)
Rock on!