Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I know I haven't been blogging in a while but life's been pretty hectic here, and as I have school less than two weeks away, I though I'd blog away...!

So in these past few weeks I've been kind of sick. I've got an infection in my lungs, but don't get worked up folks, I'm fine alhamdulliah! I got X-Rays, a CT, a lot of blood tests, and stayed for about 5 days in the hospital which was because they wanted to know the cause of the infection (which until this date has not been known! Seriously, you'd think with all the tests they took they'd be able to track that down, but anyways! My cough got better so I'm not complaining). My stay at the hospital wasn't very pleasant, but as my mom stayed with me and my family were there I was comforted they're there. Plus I had a book with me to get me through it, I've read like over 600 pages of Sherlock Holmes while I was there!! Too much for my first Holmes experience but it's been very entertaining!
The most annoying part was the endoscopy I had. That was a total drag, they said I wouldn't feel a thing (which was true that I didn't feel the tube they got in me) but I did feel my throat stiffen to a really uncomfortable point. Not pretty! But it wasn't too bad. Actually, I think I'm walking through this pretty well, but it's just my mom who's been most affected. You know how moms get, and my mom is a seriously sensitive person, so it has been really tough on her which I'm sorry for the trouble I gave my family)...

So I'd like to give a shout out for all the people who have been there, by visiting me or just with their prayers. My family has been a great help, and I can never thank them enough, and my friends have been incredibly supportive. I am blessed to know so many good people, really.... THANK YOU SO MUCH! Today we had family friends over who drove over an hour to get here to check upon me, because they heard I was ill yesterday and insisted to come for a visit. Really experiences like these truly make you appreciate the important things in life...

Thank you everyone. I owe you loads!

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