Friday, June 19, 2009

Thought or Action?

What matters the most? The thought, or the action? I'd like to contemplate this out loud, maybe I won't be able to come up with a conclusion but its worth the try.

This debate has been going on in my head for a while now. The thought is very important, it shows that you've actually been thinking about something, which is very important. Yet the action matters as well. Let me give you an example, I've seen a Rachel Ray episode that talked about husbands getting their wives flowers. Mostly they got them red roses from the mall, gas station, etc. The husbands defended their action by saying that it was the thought that counts, which the wives complained that they got the typical red roses from the mall which is absolutely devoid of any thought, because if there was a thought, it'd have been the kind of rose they loved, in a nice bouquet. I sort of agree with them, it's nice that the husbands thought of it, and actually got their wives flowers, but still, the action here counts as well.

One of my recent reads touched this subject a bit, it was how one person thought about killing a person, and that person being dead, the person felt guilty since he might have had a hand in it since he thought about it and wished it. It's not exactly the way I mentioned it, but it's somehow like that. I know it's not his fault, and as long as he didn't do it, it shouldn't matter. But doesn't it really? I think it does matter, the thought also counts, it's not the same as having done the action but still.

I'm a big fan of the thought, like if a person cooked for you, and it turned out to be a total disaster, then I'd say it's the thought that counts. But there should be a limit, when it's the thought that counts, and when the action actually counts as well, like when you're thinking about something, you should try to make the action equal the thought so that the person actually appreciates what you've done.
I wish I could write about how I feel about this more clearly, but I hope you got where I'm going.


Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk said...

In the case of the flowers the women were complaining because they wanted more thought put into it. If a woman received ratty looking flowers because the florist messed up, but the husband had been tuned into the wife and had tried to get her something she would really love, the woman would still be ecstatic.

Unknown said...

For today's society, action should be more relevant than thuoght. This past semester I've taken really interested subjects, including Theology and Philosophy, but I've realized this is not pragmatic. Action must come soon! We all know the problems that should be addressed, but no one is taking action to solve them.

Of course, personally I'm more inclined to thoughts. I don't like to take action... much :P But oh well, it all depends on our personality and how much we want to change!

Interesting post habibti, keep it up!*

rummuser said...

You seldom have control over your thoughts. You do, when you are deliberately thinking about something but otherwise it is just empty chatter. Very often the thought process is also in reaction to some stimulus. In this case, let us say, the anniversary or some such thing suddenly remembered. The remembering thought generates a reaction to take the quickest possible action to save an embarrassing development, and so the husband chooses what flowers are readily available. He however has control over his reaction and if he would only structure his thinking on that reaction, he would do better. I therefore am of the opinion that action being well within our control is the more important aspect of our lives.