Friday, June 19, 2009


I always have a hard time picking gifts for family member, or friends. It's tough thinking it's going to be a "typical" gift that was impersonal. I always thought a gift should be personal. However, making it personal seems a bit hard. Do we have to gift each other extravagant things? Why not make it simple, buy the person the thing s/he likes? Why does it seem to me lately that when you're buying a gift you're trying to prove something? Trying to prove that you can get a person fancy things? Showing off your gift?
How lame does that sound? Why are we so caught up with what people think? I think it's become inevitable to think of what others would think about what we do, it's crazy if you ask me.

For me, buying accessories to people is always safe, for girls specially. I love getting them, and people (I think) like getting them. I try to keep my gifts simple. If I could tell people what to get me it'd be books!
My dad keeps it simple really, he simply gives us money. I think it's great. It's maybe my own frustration of not knowing what to get people, or it could be that from what I've seen in my life, I get frustrated how predictable gifts get; mobile phones, laptops, diamonds, etc. They're nice stuff, don't get me wrong, specially if a person is in need of one, but when it's simply getting it for show, or because they have to get the person a gift. Getting a person just a bag isn't little? I think some people under estimate things which is why they get fancy things. Why can't we gift people a book without feeling it's something little for them?
People are usually happy with their gifts, but for me, I think it's sort of vain. I get too attached things, I'm perfectly aware of it, and if people are happy then why am I complaining? But I just hate it if it happened to me, and I wouldn't mind it with people I didn't know, but my close friends and family shouldn't feel like that, getting me fancy stuff. I know sometimes people do it to show how much they care, and if you do it once or twice I wouldn't mind, I'm a vain girl myself, but I'd also love to get simple, yet personal things.

Hmm, that's all I have to offer on the topic really, I'd love to your feedback though. What do you like gifting people? And what do you love getting from people?


rummuser said...

At my stage of life, there is little that will appeal to me as a gift. My son every now and then will bring me a pastry or some ice cream or a book if he comes across something that he knows will appeal to me. I rarely visit people and if I do, I generally take some flowers or some Indian sweets as gifts which is an accepted custom here. The best gift one can give or receive is time.

Noor said...

Thanks a lot Mr.Rummuser. :)

Ashok said...

I have to agree with Ramanna sir. I guess for me anything that shows a person that we care is good enough a gift!