Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of English

At English we have to do a presentation about something, and a dialogue. Both sould be done "creatively". It's easy, but the hardest part always seems to be choosing a topic and sticking to it.
I try to choose topics about "saving the world!!!!"

This semester my presentation was about whaling. It was great, because I got to know more about it. I even made two fliers and ended up while heating up and ending my presentation with a flier that said 'Save Whales!' I held it upside down and until my classmates told me I didn't know it. But on the whole I think I did well.

Now coming to the dialogue. I wrote it about the fact that over 25,000 children die everyday. I think it went well too. We said during the dialogue that we should offer our prayers, donate, care about these children and try to do our best to show them that we care. At the end my English teacher commented saying: "Yes! It's a very important topic. But girls what can we do? We can only pray for them, right?"
I was staring at her when she said that with my mouth wide open. Prayers are really important, but our religion preaches the fact that you can't simply pray and wish for something to happen while sitting and waiting for it. You have to do whatever you can to make it happen. All of the things we said about the issue and she simply shook it off saying she can do nothing but wish the condition of the children of the world gets better. I swear sometimes I just feel like standing up to a teacher and pour my heart out on what she says and why I think it wrong! But then again, I say I know better than telling her something she'll think it rude and will forget it by the end of the day.

But it is frustrating seeing how some people seem to think we can do nothing for the betterment of the world outside of our homes. Don't they know it's our obligation to the less fortunate? It's down-right wrong.


Unknown said...

You have quite an intriguing teacher. If I ever, ever have the urge to become a teacher (not in a THOUSAND years! Kidding :P), I would definitely think about working with the less fortunate first.

So, now you know she became a teacher for the moola ($), basically. Or maybe she thought she'd like a simple job or whatever. She doesn't have a wide enough vision to understand that helping others is the basis of not only Islam, but of all other life visions in the world!


Ashok said...

lol remember this Noor, a good teacher is one who angers you enough to want to prove them wrong! The more controversial their statement is, the more motivated you are to prove that you are better than them. Channel that frustration into motivation and you are home free!