Friday, April 3, 2009

"What is the happiest moment of your life?"

Why are we expected to summarize our personality, life, experiences, joys and sorrows into a few lines? How come it's natural to be asked 'What is the happiest moment of your life?' and being expected to answer it as if the person was asking you 'How are you?'

I don't know why it annoyed me when my teacher asked what is the happiest moment of your life? It's tough to have a flash of your life passing in front of your eyes so that you can pick a happiest moment and share it with everyone. I ended up blurting out a few happenings in my life that I knew the teacher would somehow accept and not question me any further. Maybe I was partly annoyed because I didn't find a moment right there and then. You know how it is in movies when the lead character says 'Right then I knew what I wanted to be...' or 'That moment was the happiest in my life...' or 'I realized then that....' It's frustrating because that never happened to me, and I don't know why do I expect it to. My life isn't a movie, and so it is natural to take it's own course. Still, maybe it's because I haven't had such a moment yet, or because I simply don't appreciate happenings as they ought to be rightly appreciated.
Even though this incident happened a few weeks back, I still ponder upon it sometimes. I find it difficult to describe myself, or my life or anything of the sort. Maybe because I'm sure I would end up doing injustice to myself (if that's possible) or to the life I lead.

This frustration of mine may be coming out of the fact that I have a hard time expressing myself, or saying the right thing for that matter. I never seem to be able to succeed with talking about my life, is it because I find it event less? Because somehow it is. Or maybe it is because it is eventful, but events are not what I can tell others since they are the day-to-day events.
I am getting too obscure I know.
But tell me, isn't it annoying when you're expected to put all the experiences you've had throughout the journey of your life in a few words? At least I find it to be so, and even shall I persuaded to talk about myself, my life or any experience I've had, know that I shall never do it justice for how can you put into words what went through your mind? It can not be. Indeed it can not.

It's such a relief to get all of this out, it's been on my mind for a long time now and I think it's better said out loud and shared with people so that maybe voicing it out loud may shed some light on it.


Unknown said...

I think it means you're growing up, Noor :).

The happiest moments in my life? *Thinks for a while* I have too many. Taking my dog out for a walk at 6 am, birds singing in the garden, singing to Oasis...

Or maybe I'm just batty.


Unknown said...

Worst moments?

When my mum told me she had a boyfriend.


Ashok said...

Its human nature not to be able to recollect the happy moments. Its just absurd to ask someone what their happy moment was. I think for us happiness lives and dies in that one moment. Because after that happy moment has passed, its natural to feel greedy for something better something more. Whereas we are content at the least bit of sorrow. Because none of us wants to feel more pain. We all want to maximise our happiness and minimise our pain. As such happy moments are difficult to recollect because it never ends!