Monday, March 30, 2009

Namy 3l hada

I would like to share this beautiful song with you. It's called "Namy 3al hada". No idea how to translate it.
It's just the best!!! I looooove it. Hope you like it as well. ;)

PS: Sorry about this video, I couldn't find a better one, so don't watch it, simply listen.


Unknown said...

Aww I really liked the song, habibti! It reminded me of some ballads they play in Latin America, leaving language apart of course :P But hey, it's like Babel: all division originated afterwards and we're actually just ONE.

Woo, that sounded deep :P

Unknown said...

And what I meant ('cos I think it isn't very clear) is that, even though it's a completely different language for me and others, the rhythm sounds similar to others I can recognize because ultimately everyone (even though they live in different places) share similar tastes and ideas.

Yay :) Oh oh and I got your e-mail, thanks so much! I'll reply these next few days!