Monday, May 19, 2008

TV commercials

I'm a big critic of TV ads. I mean I comment and criticize almost every ad there is, I mean just take a look at TV -I'm guessing it's a global issue- and you'll find tonnes of stupid commercials.
First of all, the credibility of the products:
A lot of companies are trying to show that they are not making their product seem like perfect so here's what some of them do. You know those Dettol, or those cleansers which are supposed to kill all the germs. Now all of them used to say that this cleanser kills ALL germs but that's changed. Now what they do is like compare the "usual" cleanser you use and how it kills germs, which apparently it doesn't but theirs kills all the germs except one that is left. I don't want to blabber much on it. I guess you get the picture. And they also sometimes say it kills 99.9% of the germs.

There's this other ad which is on a air re freshener, Airwick, and so it shows a mouse/rat/hamster, not really sure which in her house and she has guests over, her other animal friends. And there's an elephant and now the rat is just half the size of the elephant. I commented on that and my sister called me stupid of course to comment on such stuff. But I got her thinking and she said, well if they made the elephant bigger he'd step on the rat.

What bugs me in most ads is that they show that their product is the very very best and nothing is even comparable to it. I understand that's what they need to market it but come on, some nice reasonable ads wouldn't be so bad. But those ads which make us think that these companies think we're really stupid to think that you can see germs while using a magnifying glass. I always comment on these stupid ads but my family just continues watching because they probably didn't hear me or something.

Now I think the nice ads deserve their share of this post. Like the Lipton ad which has this guy who is working and he wants to finish up a report in half an hour and he starts singing 'Tamaly Ma3ak taratara taratara' It's a very cool ad.

Another ad which is about this shower gel and soup that's called Lifebuoy, the ad is AWESOME! If you live here you've probably watched but if not then it's like this:
A little kid is coming home from school and he sees this kitten and he wants to take it home but their neighbor sees him and takes the boy to his mom and says "See what your kid did, he can get a lot of germs'. The mom says 'We teach them to have compassion on others and then we forbid them to help them. Why?'
So the little kid says in his Saudi accent 'Eeywa laesh?' which means 'Yeah why?' It's cracking up, I wish I could get you a video but I can't seem to find it on YouTube.

I know I know, I'm too attached to ads but I just like criticizing them. :D


Ashok said...

Hey we have the lifeboy ad here too with a puppy instead of a kitten :D And good observation, but these companies will even call the sun earth if they have to sell their products :P

Waed S. said...

I second ash , those who make the ads want to sell u what they have , they don't care if what they show is real or not ! it is just marketing !!

Unknown said...

I always zap the channel when there are TV commercials! And ugh, here the Airwick commercial has a housewife elephant that says it is difficult to be the mother/wife of an ant or something, it gets on my nerves :).

But they are right, comapanies are paying these channels for ads that can give them maximum profit, and saying that their product is the best will always get at least one person going: "Hmm.." :P