Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey people, what's up?
So it's been a while, eh? Well my final exams are coming up, something we're not looking forward to but the good thing is that summer holidays will come afterwards which makes it worth while. :D
There hasn't been much going on. Today they gave presents for students who did well in the 1st semester, and almost half the school got gifts, which was nice.
Anyways, a friend of mine got a glass vase, talking about the kinds of gifts the school gives us should have its own post but anyways they're lame and very useless to us, like glasses, tea cups, and such things, I don't even know why they give such things. Books or pens would be much better. Well, the thing is, she wanted someone to carry it for her, she had to carry something else so I gladly told her I could carry it for her and did so.
I held it in my hands and asked what is it, as she told me I turned it around to see it, her other friends have already taken off the gift-wrapper or whatever and so it was in its box. Next thing I knew was that the vase was on the floor shattered into pieces. It startled me. The girl was nice enough to say it didn't matter, another teacher came and asked if I was hurt and when I told her I wasn't, she told my friend she'll get her another gift because there were some left and that no harm was done. Before I went to class I mumbled my apology because I was embarrassed. Thankfully all the reproach I had was from Huda.
My clumsiness never fails to azaze me, seriously I am probably the clumsiest person alive. I can't talk without stuttering, can't do a thing without messing it up or whatever. It became a part of who I am, I mean yes I can blame it for any mistake I make but it's not fun being a clumsy person.

Well, that's it for today. Hope everyone is doing great.


Waed S. said...

yella good thing it was only a vase and the girl probably didn't like it any way !
but that' not clumsiness !!
y3ni it happens all the times !
so don't be so harsh on ur self !

autumn leaves said...

I am constantly made aware of my clumsiness by my mother..she won't let me into the kitchen,because I'm always dropping something or the other..

I'll tell I'm there to help her,and she'll say I only double her work...waah! :(