Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here I am again posting :D
So there is 'The Crapper Of The Year' compitition going on. You might know for sure that I am going to win. The blog's name is so close to changing into 'The Crapper Of The Year' I am in it to win it as they say.

So this is only to show you I am very much determinated to win. Well, if you want it in simpler words: 'I will win, Inshallah'
Just take a look around at my posts, is there anyone better than me in writing? NO!

This is only a proof that I actually learned something at the Arabic lesson, we have a lesson called 'how to build your future?' and it kept talking about how important it is to always be optimistic in life and have confidence in yourself and in whatever you do.
So as you see I have gained something from the lesson and it didn't go to waste. Well, I already had enough self-ego to start with, it just increased today :P


aska said...

HA! now that was good joke, noor..! ;-) :D

you can be optimistic, its a good thing. but always be aware of whom ur competing with and be prepared for the worst... :) :P

dark times lie ahead...

(lol, im laffin so hard!!)

autumn leaves said...

Okay I may join in and judge along with Sauda..!!

My results as of now:

"And the winner is.....


Oh let this not discourage the two of you,Never give up in Life! ;)

I shall always be the best crapper,but don't let that make your spirits go down!

Waed S. said...

gurls have some self esteem!!!!! noor do u know sth. if u think u r writing crap then u won't find any of us reading and bothering our self with comments!!!!!! it is funny to be fighting over that title! i might be tempted to join but my ego isn't allowing me :D