Wednesday, April 18, 2007

awesome days

I have had a great/horrible week. It is always the way things go. I believe in the saying that goes like 'every power has its equal opposite power' now let me tell you how is that relevant to my week. Those horrible things are no more than the monthly exams which took place this week, having exams is just a horrible thing, but notice I am only referring to 'having exams' not 'how they went'. They were pretty good but I can't help getting all stressed out and so this has been the only low in this week. I have also had some other mischiefs.
Other than having exams life has been so great.
let us start day by day- Saturday was probably one of the greatest days ever. WHO came to our school. They liked the school very much and were highly impressed with the work we've done.
Sunday- It was ok I guess.
Monday- We didn't attend many lessons because we went out of school to train for a concert. The day was very much fun. On the way we listened to some of the girls singing and they had simply the most azazing voices ever.
Tuesday- I didn't attend many lessons either. There was the English Club week in another school so they called me to go with them. Which was very very much fun too. I met new people who were very nice and friendly.
Wednesday- We didn't have much lessons because one teacher was absent and the day being only Wednesday is more than enough to feel great. Wednesday is still here, we are going to Muscat and hopefully we are going to catch a movie. The latest movie I've seen was 'The Departed' and I didn't like the movie at all. Hopefully the one I'm about to see is better.
Oh and my friend is now 18, she turned 18 this month. So life has been good.

I have alot to do this weekend, yet having this week over with is a great accomplishment itself.


aska said...

that was good one!!

its a good thing to make the most of the good things that happen.. every week, everyday, every hour, every minute.. oh shit, im blabbering again! :P

anyways, have a great week! :D

Waed S. said...

thnx noor!!!!!