Saturday, December 29, 2012

A force of nature

I remember one day I wanted to be a force of nature. A tad too cold to be fire, too calm to be the wind, and not encompassing enough to be air; I was water. A stream running to join the ocean, contributing to
the greater scheme of things, unable to change my course of motion. Moss grows around me. I’m afraid I'll soon dry up because my depth is getting shallower with each passing day. I’m trying to carve stone to leave a mark, but I have not the force for it and the stone in this area is especially hard. I will give up on being a stream and run away to join the underground water. Soon enough they’ll bottle me and ship me adding whatever needed so that I have value.
I will let nature take its course, I can't be among its forces. Not yet anyway.

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Mariam said...

Beautifully written..