Thursday, December 16, 2010

To the person I want to be

We all have high expectations of ourselves. They don't change that much over time, specially those related to our personality and behavior around people. I always find myself replaying things I did and said and finding fault with everything. I don't want this to be overly positive or negative. I'd like to tell the truth. Yet how is that possible when you're looking at yourself?!
I'd like to live, enjoy the moment yet work hard to being happy with who I am! It's hard specially now that we're going to college, and seeing many people after a long time spent at home with minimal contact with people. This is the good part though, the downside is that you have to watch everything you say and do because you know there's always someone watching and perhaps commenting. Thing is I don't really care about such people, because we all find ourselves commenting at some people though we don't mean anything by it and we often regret it when we get to know that person and/or think at how awful it would be to find out people are talking about you. Honestly, and no bragging is intended, as a general rule I don't comment at people and laugh at them unless it's something outrageous. What? I can't be a saint! However, I am trying to care less about what people might or might not say because if I keep doing that I won't be able to feel comfortable being me!
I don't get people sometimes. How they are negative 99% of the time and they gloat when whatever negative thing they predicted happens. It's not how you should be living. Also, when people are always having mood swings. What's up with that? I don't mind it when people can't generally control it but I mind it when people act as if it's a part of their personality and it's who they are.

Be yourself, don't show off and do whatever you feel like as long as it's not wrong.


Ze2red said...

this is a good think to be watching and take good care of it so you won't lose it ;)

i always try my best to watch out what I say or what people say infornt of me.

FaerieDevilish said...

Getting used to college (especially in social terms) takes a while. Apart from wishing you the best for this year, I hope you will find it a bit easier and fun to deal with all this. I have faith in you!