Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reading makes me happy.

I always read. Whether I'm feeling happy, depressed or simply bored. I take comfort in reading. There were a lot of times when the book I was reading was just dull, but I'd go on with it either way because it was something to do and if there's one thing I hate, it's leaving a book unfinished.

Only lately have I fully understood that I sometimes use reading as an escape. It's easy to simply read and shut the whole world out. It doesn't exactly guarantee an enjoyable reading experience, but it's a better outlet than most things. It's not that I'm saying using reading as an escape is a bad thing, sometimes it maybe because there could be more effective ways to deal with issues, but for the most part it is good.
I'm grateful for my books, for they always keep entertained, and with something to do.


Unknown said...

I really love reading such posts from you =) You're the main reason why I love reading SO MUCH!!!!

Noor said...

Aww Knee!
I love you!

Thank you for saying that, it means so much to me.... <3