Sunday, October 3, 2010

I wonder if I should...

- Get a mobile phone or not.
- Get involved with what's happening around me or keep my distance.
- Keep on reading or face my problems.
-Talk or stay silent.
- Nag or not.
- Tell the truth or not.
- Be the one who asks or let others ask first.
- Cry or laugh.

It's difficult to decide some of these, because you know the right then yet at that certain moment the right thing isn't clear in front of your eyes and you're lost wondering what to do till the moment passes by and you simply stay put...

1 comment:

Ruqaiya said...

- Yes you should if it will make you happier.
- Dont be scared to speak your mind!They may hate you now for telling them somethign they dont want to hear but one day they'll thank you for it.
- TALK! trust me it helps
- Ask! No one will read your mind.
- LAUGH! life is short and there's always a positive side to everything. Focus on that side.

love you loads girl!:)