Thursday, September 30, 2010


So my cooking skills are put under the test, and as much as I'd like to say I aced that test, I haven't yet. I am doing fairly well.
My main problem consists with patience and spices.
I'd be checking the cooking pot every 15 seconds to see if what's cooking is done, thinking that these few seconds are sufficient to get it done.
And the food is either too salty or needs more salt. Or sometimes it's plain tasteless.

Cooking is hard business. If you haven't tried it yourself then you can't judge. Just the thought of what to cook for the next day is enough to make you get stressed. OK I'm kind of exaggerating. You get the point though.

However, I'm not such a bad book actually, I can pull off some good meals. But it's every meal at a time, sometimes it's good sometimes it's not but I wish I could be less judgmental about my cooking!

So whoever is cooking for you, be grateful. It's hard work, and needs patience.

PS: I'm making soup right now, so let's hope it's good because I need it!

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