Sunday, September 12, 2010


It was late in the morning, perhaps noon and during one of the last lessons of the day. I cut my finger somehow, and my obsession with band-aids helped the matter for I always had ready band-aids.
The small cut burnt, and so I covered it with a band-aid hoping I'd stop paying attention to it. It kept on burning.
We had maths. The teacher was teaching something and I was with her, only I was blowing air at my finger so that it wouldn't get sweatty and hurt even more.
The teacher noticed what I was doing. She asked, 'Did you burn your finger?'
I was hoping she wouldn't notice, but seeing that she did I absent-mindedly said 'Yes' hoping she'd carry on with the lesson.
She said something about how I burned it at school, and then wished it'd get better. I thanked her in a whisper trying to make the whole thing blow over because I was embarressed that I made a fuss of my small cut and how it got a one-minute conversation in class.
Perhaps there was sarcasm in her voice, but I didn't detect it. I always fail to detect sarcasm or irony. I wouldn't know it if it was staring me in the face. I even didn't understand at first that she thought I actually burnt my finger, then I started thinking how could she think that, getting a burn at school! Such an odd idea. I began to think it might have been because I was blowing air at my finger. All of these thoughts crossed my mind, but I didn't think of correcting her because the whole matter was so silly I didn't want to make it more than it already was. I knew she must want to get on with the lesson.

I was in my own thoughts during that certain moment, trying to get unnoticed and hoping the teacher wouldn't think I wasn't paying attention while God only knows what she was thinking. She could have been really concerned.
Yet living in our own different worlds, we collide. And we only realize that, sometime after it happens.

(Don't know if this will make sense to you, or to me after sometime, but this incident has been on my mind for quite sometime and I had to share it to get some sense of it)

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هَالـة said...

I Remembered how I always cut my finger with the paper of newspaper ... how its silly method LOOL !
thanks for sharing Noor ^^
how was the Eid ?